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Menstrual Cycle Essentials Bundle

Menstrual Cycle Essentials Bundle

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Supplements: EmpowerD, FemmeForce, Restore, Boost, Soothe.

Objective: This all-encompassing bundle addresses the full spectrum of menstrual cycle needs, from mood and energy regulation to digestive health and menstrual discomfort relief.


  • EmpowerD: Provides Vitamin D3 for mood regulation and helps mitigate PMS symptoms, ensuring emotional balance throughout the cycle.
  • FemmeForce: Moringa Oleifera boosts energy and replenishes nutrients lost during menstruation, supporting overall vitality.
  • Restore: Magnesium Glycinate offers relief from cramps and supports mood stabilization during the late luteal phase.
  • Boost: Organic Beetroot Powder enhances energy levels and improves circulation, providing stamina during the menstrual cycle.
  • Soothe: Ashwagandha aids in stress management and hormonal balance, ensuring a more tranquil cycle.

Outcome: A holistic approach to managing the menstrual cycle, ensuring balanced mood, enhanced energy, improved digestive health, and reduced menstrual discomfort.

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